Basic Calculator is ECO Friendly

Basic Calculator
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    Our Basic Calculator has a 90% smaller digital footprint* than most online calculators (see chart below). 

    This means you are not wasting digital bandwidth and processing that consumes unnecessary materials and resources.  Yes, you can think of our calculators as wise to use.  As millions use our calculators, together they are helping each other by conserving the Earth's resources.

Ways We Conserve

Ad-free versions of our calculators have...

Digital Footprint Comparison

Estimates from desktop data collected March, 2019.
Figures may vary from device to device.   43k bytes*   100k bytes   133k bytes   373k bytes   425k bytes   511k bytes   1,172k bytes   2,120k bytes
* For our ad-free version.  With Google ads 300k of additional bytes are transfered on average.

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