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Basic Calculator


  • 12-Digit display, 16-Digit math accuracy
  • Simple left to right math calculations
  • Fixed or floating point operation
  • 4 Basic operands
    Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
  • 4 Additional functions
    Square Root, Reciprocal, Inverse, Percent
  • 5 Memory functions
    Store, Add, Subtract, Recall, Clear
  • Clear all, clear entry, and backspace
  • Digit grouping 000's along with
    international , and . use setting
  • Keyboard input with button feedback
  • Reusable math calculation history
  • Displays math expression
  • Copy and paste values
  • Repeat last operation
  • Clear error messages
  • Savable Settings
  • Resizable

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Basic Calculator

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Basic Calculator
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